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We bring our practical financial acumen to help you and your organization meet its financial goals.  Lisa has overseen budgeting and forecasting for a $250 million network of schools with 8 legal entities, 34 schools, and a central office -- including handling significant but required budget cuts in ways that minimally impact program.  She has overseen more than $30 million in debt creation through New Market Tax Credit, commercial bank, CDFI, and non-profit lending vehicles.  She developed cash projection tools and managed cash for more than 50 accounts, making dramatic improvement in days cash on hand. 


  • Interim CFO services

  • Financial modeling

  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Cash management
  • Operating lines of credit

  • Construction financing

  • Debt refinancing

  • Cash forecasting and projection tools
  • Cash management strategies

  • Multi-year plans to improve financial health

  • Capital planning

  • Reserve planning

  • Expense management - personnel

  • Expense management - non-personnel

  • Lender and bank relationships

  • Lender compliance

  • Alignment & efficiencies in financial reporting

  • Evaluating financial health

  • Risk management

Need a financial hand? 

We can help.

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